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"Even though we were developing a small project by anyone's standards, we had little room for error due to the involvement of multiple stakeholders. We wanted to ensure our contract had provisions for management of problems to allow us to administer our project successfully, and avoid second guessing from our constituents."                                           Lane Beougher, AIA, FCSI, Assoc. DBIA, LEED AP BD+C Program Services Manager for Ohio Facilities Construction Commission

Project: Center of Architecture and Design | Location: Columbus, Ohio. View AIA Contract Document used on this project.

Learn more about how Lane used AIA Contract Documents on the Center for Architecture and Design in Central Ohio.

"I always recommend using an AIA Contract. It itemizes the complete scope of work, materials, & installation costs… that’s why the AIA Contract is brilliant, because it really protects you."                                                                                 As seen on the Today Show John DeSilvia,                 Licensed Contractor                                                               Host of DIY's 10 Grand in Your Pocket and                       Rescue My Renovation
"AIA is a leader in standard pre-fab contracts for the industry. We use their contracts now, and have for a long time. They do a good job. I'm favorable towards them. This is a good service for the industry. It is cost-effective and enables expediting."   Executive Vice President, Construction/Real Estate Development
"We all know, respect trust and use their forms. They are pretty much the standard contracts we see. They're very good."                                                                                           Consultants, Engineers & Planners
"AIA is the leader in pre-formed construction contracts. We use them here because it's a fast and easy way to get contracts. They are the industry standard and have the expertise."                                                                                       President, General Contractor