B207-2017 Standard Form of Architect’s Services: On-Site Project Representation

AIA Document B207™–2017 replaces AIA Document B207™-2008, Standard Form of Architect’s Services: On-Site Project Representation. B207 establishes the architect’s scope of services when the architect provides an on-site project representative during a project’s construction phase. B207 provides for agreement on the number of architect’s representatives to be stationed at the project site, a schedule for the on-site representation, and the services that the on-site representative will perform. The on-site representative’s services include attending job-site meetings, monitoring the contractor’s construction schedule, observing systems and equipment testing, preparing a log of activities at the site, and maintaining on-site records. The owner will provide an on-site office for the architect’s on-site representative. B207 is a scope of services document only and may not be used as a stand-alone owner/architect agreement.

When to use

  • Conventional scope of architect services
  • To be attached to an owner/architect agreement