B210-2017 Standard Form of Architect’s Services: Facility Support

AIA Document B210™–2017 replaces AIA Document B210™-2007, Standard Form of Architect’s Services: Facility Support. An owner can use B210 to hire an architect to assess the condition, performance and operation of an existing facility or group of facilities. B210 can also be used to hire an architect to perform space management or maintenance management services. B210 may be used in two ways: (1) incorporated into the owner/architect agreement as the architect’s sole scope of services or in conjunction with other scopes of services document, or (2) attached to AIA Document G802™–2017, Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement, to create a modification to an existing owner/architect agreement. B210–2017 is a scope of services document only and may not be used as a stand-alone owner/architect agreement.

When to use

  • Conventional scope of architect services
  • To be attached to an owner/architect agreement